What is ASOAnalytics®?

ASOAnalytics is a one-of-a-kind online benchmarking platform that empowers administrators to make better-informed business decisions while elevating ophthalmology practice management as a profession.

Through a series of short surveys, ASOAnalytics guides practices through the benchmarking process and places real-time practice data and benchmarks in your hands when you need them.

Results and robust reports are immediate after completion of each survey (once a minimum data set is achieved) and enable practice administrators and practice owners to do an apples-to-apples comparison with practices of similar size, service model, and number of providers on key performance areas. ASOAnalytics will help practices identify opportunities to improve the bottom line. Practices can capture and retain up to three years of practice data for trend analysis.

Elevate your understanding of practice performance with ASOAnalytics. The first two surveys are FREE.

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Survey topics include:



  • Practice Demographics (Free to Participate)
  • Provider Productivity (Free to Participate)
  • Staff Productivity
  • Clinical Staff Compensation
  • Revenue Cycle Management and RCM Staff Compensation
  • Operating Efficiency (Revenues and Expenses)
  • Patient Services, Administration, and Surgery Scheduling Staff Compensation
  • Provider Compensation
  • Optical Operating Efficiency and Optical Staff Compensation


*ASOAnalytics is exclusive to US domestic practices with an ASOA professional or ASCRS physician member. An annual subscription is just $250 for full access. ALL information in ASOAnalytics is confidential; individual practice data will never be shared or sold. Practices must complete surveys in order to receive results and data for each metric is only released once a statistically significant data set is reached. Please allow time between the release of NEW surveys and the availability of data.