ASOA Group Mentor Program

ASOA Group Mentor Program

ASOA and the Administrator Beginners Circle (ABC) are excited to announce a Group Mentorship Program in which newer administrators (those with 4 or fewer years’ experience) can participate in virtual group mentorship sessions with a seasoned administrator acting as the group moderator and mentor.

Developed and sponsored by the Administrator Beginners Circle (ABC) Taskforce, the group mentor sessions will be held as virtual monthly roundtables, facilitated over Zoom. Each roundtable will have a mentor moderator with up to 10 mentees, guaranteeing meaningful discussion and thoughtful dialogue centered around topics relevant to today’s administrator and practice.

Group Mentorship Monthly Topics

February: The Art of Difficult Conversations. Tips for handling difficult conversations to resolve a range of common workplace conflicts.

March: Creative Solutions to Staffing Shortages.
  Brainstorm ways to foster a positive work environment and empower staff even in difficult times.

April: TBD

May: Implementing & Embracing A Positive Practice Culture.
Discuss ways in which the leadership and the strategic organizational directions and management influence the workplace culture.

June: Training & Onboarding Staff:
Best Practices. Learn how to create better first days and increase engagement and productivity through targeted training practices.

July: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Your Practice.
Explore the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, and how it predicts and affects practice performance.

August: TBD

September: Employee Incentive Plans: Is It All About the Money?
Thinking through incentive pay, employee rewards, and other methods for inspiring productivity and engagement.

October: “Quiet Quitting” & “Quiet Firing”: Avoiding Employee Disengagement & Manager Burnout.
How can practice managers help retain employees and keep them engaged.  Recognize the risk factors for burnout and gain actionable strategies for supporting employees.

November: TBD

December: TBD

Registration for each roundtable will open 2 weeks prior to the meeting date, and roundtables are expected to fill up quickly. Plan today to participate in the topic(s) most important to you!

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