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LEAD Certificate Program

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Attract, retain, and develop emerging leaders on your team by enrolling them in the LEAD certificate program.


The LEAD Certificate Program is designed to develop future leaders in ophthalmic practice management. Developed in conjunction with BSM Consulting for those aspiring or current managers in an ophthalmic practice wishing to move into practice management and/or increase their practice management skills and knowledge, it is a nine-month educational program that consists of nine interactive modules covering various management skills and topics. The program is limited to three cohorts of 25 participants each. There is a limit of 4 registrants per practice. 

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to:

  1. Understand the broader business of ophthalmology: This includes gaining knowledge about the industry, trends, and best practices in ophthalmology management.
  2. Learn about managerial issues and effective leadership: Participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead teams within an ophthalmic practice. This includes understanding how to manage staff, resolve conflicts, and motivate employees.
  3. Address the roles and responsibilities of a mid-level manager: Participants will gain practical ways to handle the specific responsibilities and challenges that come with being a mid-level manager in an ophthalmic practice.
  4. Integrate patient advocacy as a top priority: The program emphasizes the importance of patient advocacy and teaches participants how to prioritize patient care in all aspects of the practice.

The program is highly regarded by previous participants, who have benefited from the expertise of the instructors and the collaborative learning environment with their fellow cohorts.

“This program allows us to provide leadership training and development beyond what our practice alone could offer, giving our team a network of peers to further their careers.” 

The 2024-25 class is currently full.  Please contact to be put on the waitlist.

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