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The Certified Ophthalmic Executive (COE) designation is the national standard for ophthalmic practice management. 

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The Certified Ophthalmic Executive (COE) designation is the national standard for ophthalmic practice management. Administered by the National Board for the Certification of Ophthalmic Executives (NBCOE), the COE program recognizes those who have achieved the experience, knowledge and skills identified by the NBCOE as essential to practice management. This elite certification promotes excellence and professionalism in ophthalmic practice management. Get certified and be recognized as a leader in managing the business of ophthalmology.

Common Myths: The Truth About the Certified Ophthalmic Executive

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It all began with taking my grandparents in for cataract surgery way back in 1998 to Genstler Eye Center in Albany, Oregon. They had a viewing room where a technician sat with me and explained the process in detail. They had a video camera, and I was able to watch the surgery. I was inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. I had no medical background, but the technician said I should apply for a position since they were hiring. I did apply and to my surprise was called in for an interview. At the time the office was transitioning from paper charts to EHR system. I was able to help with that transition at same time I was being trained as an ophthalmic technician. Around a year later I got my COA. I was the back-office Lead Technician for many years after that and I soaked up as much as I could learn. In 2005, I moved to Las Vegas and got a job right away with Dr. Tyree Carr and Dr. Marietta Nelson. They were wonderful doctors who opened my eyes even deeper into ophthalmology. At this time, I knew Ophthalmology would be with me for the rest of my working years. I joined New Eyes Las Vegas in 2012 and this is where my mentor, Deanna Heisey encouraged me to keep going further into management. I became the back-office supervisor of a larger group and received my COT certificate. Although, I felt intimidated by the thought of being an Administration of an entire practice, she challenged me and set a goal for me to get my COE. After studying, I finally took my COE test in January 2023 and passed! Then the very next week my mentor announced she was leaving and that I should be the next Administrator. Although I felt like this was too soon for my mentor to leave me, I know that she has been teaching me in small doses all those years to do this. If you wait till you're completely ready - you will never be ready. Challenge yourself to bigger things every chance you get, you will always surprise yourself with great accomplishments.
Misty Richardson, COT, COE

Highly recommend earning a COE. Studying for the COE educated me on items I did not know. Having a COE designation will also indicate to others that you have the knowledge for upper level positions.
Bryan Ross, COE


The COE designation has been one of the most important things I've done for my career and for the practice / ASC I manage. I highly recommend pursing the COE for anyone with a desire to move into management as well as expand their career opportunities.

John Clayton, COE


Obtaining the COE designation allowed me to show my physicians that I understand their business and industry, which ultimately gave them comfort in my skills to lead them down their future business path.

Keith Froleiks, COE, CMA


Obtaining COE certification is a confidence booster. As an administrator there is a vast amount of knowledge required to run a successfull practice and the COE prepares you for it.

Vicki Corby, COE

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