Growing as a Mid-Level Manager Certificate Program: Recommended Program Eligibility


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Thank you so much for your interest in the Growing as a Mid-Level Manager Certificate Program. Due to the overwhelming response to this program, we have already filled all the allotted slots. If you’d like to be put on a waitlist please contact

Developed for those aspiring or current managers in an ophthalmic practice wishing to move into practice management and/or increase their practice management skills and knowledge, participants should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Approved or recommended by practice management
  • At least 1 year of employment in ophthalmology and currently employed in an ophthalmology practice, OR 1 year of managerial experience (can be in conjunction w/ ophthalmic experience referenced above)
  • Motivated to learn the broader business of ophthalmology to enhance future career path
  • HS diploma or equivalent

      *ASOA membership is required (if participant is employed at a practice with at least one Essential or Premier member, the participant can request an ASOA Associate membership)

Pricing (ASOA Members)

ASOA members can register the first practice employee at $995, and second and subsequent staff at $750. Note, eligible participants who are not current ASOA members, but at a practice with a Premier or Essential member will need approval from that sponsor in order to be accepted to this program. If the participant in that practice is not an active ASOA member, an Associate membership can be established for that employee prior to acceptance into the Growing as a Mid-Level Manager Certificate Program.

Pricing (ASOA Non Members)

Interested participants who are not ASOA members and do not have a Premier or Essential member within their practice will need to purchase an ASOA membership before being approved for the Growing as a Mid-Level Manager Certificate Program. After ASOA membership is established, they will be eligible for the ASOA member rate of $995.

Cancellations will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

Growing as a Mid-Level Manager Certificate Program: Participant Expectations

Congratulations on considering this step to invest in yourself, your practice, and your career! The Growing as a Mid-Level Manager Certificate Program is expertly curated to give you the tools you’ll need to be successful and help you advance your knowledge. This program is highly collaborative and interactive, including self-paced assignments as well as monthly live, virtual sessions. Participants in this program are expected to understand and commit to the following expectations:

  • Participation is a full 9-month commitment.
  • Participants will choose between two cohort options, with live, virtual sessions scheduled monthly.
  • Attendance at each live, virtual session is mandatory.
  • Attendees are expected to be active participants in all sessions, including discussions, breakout rooms, and small group work.
  • Attendees will complete all pre-work assignments, assigned reading or content viewing, post-session homework, and assessments during the program.

Growing as a Mid-Level Manager certificate program details:

Module 1: Program Introduction (August 2021)
This module is designed to help attendees prepare for their leadership journey, identify individual goals and program expectations, and initiate an action plan that carries through the entire series.

Module 2: Transitioning to Management (August 2021)
Learn techniques to go from peer to manager, balance leadership responsibilities with patient care needs, and create a 30-, 60-, 90-day plan for success.

Module 3: Organizational Purpose (September 2021)
This component will emphasize how to use mission, vision, core values and goals of the organization to align team engagement and productivity.

Module 4: Decision Making and Critical Thinking Skills (October 2021)
How to conduct a personal SWOT analysis to promote engagement and motivation and identify strengths and opportunities.  Explore situational leadership principles and strategies and how to integrate to promote outcomes.

Module 5: Communication (November 2021)
Develop insights into how to lead and manage productive meetings, effectively communicate with employees, address challenging employees, listen effectively, and stay connected with the team.

Module 6: Building Your Team (December 2021)
Learn how to attract and retain talent with an emphasis on onboarding and training that promotes success.

Module 7: Human Resources (January 2022)
A module focused on employee management, including navigating challenging issues, performance management and understanding HR risk/legal considerations.

Module 8: Flow and Efficiency (February 2022)
Learn how every team member plays a role in flow and efficiency, how to continually evaluate and adapt, while leveraging available technology and keeping the patient experience at the forefront.

Module 9: Department Planning and Development (March 2022)
This component will focus on how to develop KPIs and use them to manage and educate staff on their importance.  Strategies for developing an action plan, executing against it, and following-up will also be addressed.


ASOA gratefully acknowledges the unrestricted educational grant received in support of this program from Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.

ASOA gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of this program by Allergan and CareCredit.