Study Resources

How Can I Prepare For the Exam?

There are several ways to prepare for the examination.

  1. Review the COE Exam Suggested Study Resources.
  2. Listen to the How to Become a COE podcast
  3. Utilize the ASOA Learning Center (additional fee applies).
  4. Attend the COE Review Course at the ASOA Annual Congress or purchase the course from the ASOA MediaCenter (additional fee applies).
  5. Partner with colleagues who have earned the COE by contacting them through the COE Directory.
  6. Purchase the 2nd Edition of ASOA's COE Flashcards to help you practice.
  7. Download the COE Prep flashcard application from the Apple Store (iOS) or the Google Play store (android).
  8. Review the sample COE Exam (available once registered to take the COE Exam).

Note: Suggested study resources should be viewed as a single component of preparation for the COE exam. These materials are not meant to “teach to the exam” and should be viewed as optional, additional resources which may, or may not, be utilized in an individual’s exam preparation.  Participation in the COE Review Course does not guarantee passage of the COE exam.