Certified Ophthalmic Executive

COE Recertification CE Requirements

At the conclusion of each three-year credentialing cycle, individuals holding the Certified Ophthalmic ExecutiveTM designation must provide proof of 50 continuing education credits by completing, submitting and signing this form. Credits must be earned within the credentialing cycle.


All Category A activities yield a 1:1 credit ratio of hours spent to hours earned.  COEs must submit a minimum of 25 hours in Category A per three‐year credential period. There are no maximum limitations in this category.

Category A Activity

Ophthalmic specific management programs/courses, as well as technical and medical courses.*

* Courses related to clinical patient care taught by industry device manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies are not eligible for COE credit.



All category B activities yield a 1:1 credit ratio of hours spent‐to‐hours earned. There are no minimum or maximum limitations in this category.

Category B Activity Examples
College credit courses Accredited college courses in finance, management or human resources
Computer classes Accredited college courses, local non‐credit computer education courses
Non‐ophthalmic medical meetings/courses MGMA, AMA
Management seminars Career Track, American Management Association, Skill Path, Fred Pryor
Certificate programs College level non‐degree programs related to any COE content areas
Accredited courses

Coding, risk management, or OSHA

Executive management program

Yale Executive Management Program, Wharton Management Program



Activities must be within the 6 COE content areas (general ophthalmic knowledge, financial management, operations, information technology management, human resources, risk management & regulatory compliance). COEs may submit up to 18 hours in Category C per three‐year credential period.*

*If submitting 18 hours in one Category C activity, you may not claim additional category C activity hours. (For example, you may not submit 18 hours for reading and 18 hours for publishing.)

Category C Activity

Credit Ratio

Max Submission per Activity


1:1 (1 hour reading yields 1 hour)

18 hours

Publishing in External Publications

1:5 (1 article yields 5 hours)

18 hours


1:3 (1 presentation yields 3 hours)

18 hours

Professional leadership (Committees, Boards)

1:1 (1 appointment yields 1 hour)

18 hours

In‐service Attendance


18 hours

Submitting COE Exam Questions

2:1 (2 approved questions yields one hour)

18 hours

Recertification Agreement and Application (pdf)

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