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Service Netting - Aligning Your Practice Operations with Your Patients' Experience
March 2024
Issue: March/April 2024
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According to the Harvard Business Review, “Service is not only a matter of being pleasant to customers—just as being a doctor is not only a matter of having a comforting bedside manner—but also of understanding the system that makes customer satisfaction possible.” Of course, in healthcare, we refer to our “customers” as patients, but since that classic Harvard Business School study, the most successful organizations have realized the connection between culture, brand, and the many facets of your patient (and staff) experience.

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About the Author
Mark David Jones

(352-242-1234; is a former Disney executive who now serves as president of Small World Alliance, Inc., a business management consulting firm (Orlando, Fla.). He is the author of Lead With Your Customer: Transforming Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence (2nd edition).


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