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Maintaining Financial Viability: Focus on building a three-legged stool
February 2023
Issue: January/February 2023
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In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner plays an Iowa farmer who plows his cornfield under to build a baseball field. Inspired by a mysterious voice whispering Build it and he will come, he acts on faith, hope, and gut instinct. You—an administrator focused on the bottom line—can’t whisper your suggestions in a cornfield or from the edge of your parking lot. Yet you see the downward arc of reimbursement rates along with the changing face of today’s ophthalmic practices. Your business acumen tells you it’s time to explore the addition of services to maintain financial viability. But you need more than faith, hope, and gut instinct to act—and to convince others to take this next big step.

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About the Author
Linda Lowen

(315-727-9391, is a freelance writer and former NPR co-host/co-producer of “Take Care,” a local health and wellness show based in Syracuse, N.Y.


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