rater8 Member Pricing


As an introduction to rater8’s Patient Satisfaction, Practice Improvement, and Benchmarking Program, ASOA members will receive a free 30-day trial!

During this 30-day free trial, accurately measure the performance of your patient-facing employees to improve practice operations, identify star performers and their key competencies, and address employees in need of additional training.

Additionally, see how your doctors and practice compare to other ASOA subscribed practices through a secure, centralized rater8 dashboard.

Member Practice Improvement + rater8 Benchmarking


$39.00/month per full-time provider*
$19.50/month per part-time provider**


$450 HL7 or daily appointment report integrations set-up
$195 + $40/provider setup and implementation

Note: No upfront payment information is required for the 30-day trial, making it easy and risk-free to evaluate. Payment information is only collected if you wish to proceed beyond the free 30-day trial.

Comes with:

  • 30-day, risk-free trial
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • rater8 Analytics and Benchmarking Dashboard
  • Regularly scheduled strategy consultations to review progress and recommend courses of action.
  • Secure data hosting
  • Training, support, and maintenance
  • HL7 or daily appointment report integrations set-up
  • Setup and implementation

*Sees patients in office 3 or more days/week
**Sees patients in office less than 3 days/week

Do you have any questions or want to set up a brief call? Email Mark Kopelman at mkopelman@rater8.com

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