Practice Viability Index Calculations

All values should be listed in whole numbers without any symbols - e.g., 1.5 million would be 1500000

Practice information

An "FTE" is a Full-Time Equivalent. A provider working 5 days per week--combining clinical, surgical and administrative time--should be considered 1.0 FTE. A provider working a shorter schedule is less than one FTE. For example, a provider working 3 full days per week would be 0.6 FTE.

Available Options:
Selected Options:
Estimate the total collections that will be collected in your practice this year, including the core practice and Optical collections, but exclude ASC, hearing center or other collections.
Estimate the total wages/taxes/benefit/dividends that will be earned by the owners and non-owner providers in your practice this year, including MDs, DOs, ODs, but not MAs or PAs. Include Optical profits, but exclude ASC, hearing center or other profits.
Count the number of all patients seen by all MD, DO or OD providers. Include compensated visits as well as uncompensated post-op visits. Omit patients seen by a technician only (as for a pressure check or visual field exam.) Omit surgical cases.
Number of years the practice has been in business
City information
Your practice service area’s total population. This may be a few city blocks in Manhattan or a 100-mile radius rural region (If you are uncertain about this figure, it is obtainable by running a zip-code study with your practice management system)
Your practice service area’s total number of ophthalmologists, including your practice (obtainable on-line, from the Yellow Pages, or from a state or national directory of providers)