Registration is Open for ASOA Workshops at the 2018 Annual Meeting








Registration is open for the highly-popular ASOA workshops. These workshops will be held on Friday, April 13, at the 2018 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting, in Washington, D.C.

ASOA offers specialized hands-on training and leadership workshops designed to increase your management skills, improve your confidence and expand your career opportunities. Seating is limited. Register early. (Separate fees apply.)

  • Healthcare the Disney Way (Attendance Limit: 100) – Explore the growing link between patient satisfaction and reimbursement and learn how delivering a quality patient experience – the Disney Way – is more important than ever before.
  • Duke Eye Center – Clinical Flow Optimization (Attendance Limit: 75) – Participate in hands-on training with experts from Duke Eye Center to review process improvement methodology that can be utilized to successfully reduce system waste, increase volume and enhance patient and provider experience. This workshop will provide an understanding of intermediate-level Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and illustrate how they were used to optimize a multi-specialty, multi-site practice (ten locations ranging in sizes from one-to-twenty providers per day). Attendees will discuss how to use process improvement methodology to successfully reduce system waste, increase access and practice financial margin, while enhancing patient and provider experience. It will include hands-on training of how to identify areas for targeted process improvement, review case studies of how to build an improved team-based culture through process improvement design, and demonstration of specific Lean and Six Sigma tools and their role in redesigning your practice. The course will address the important roles that technician training, accountability and educational advancement have in optimizing practice performance. Attendees will also discuss how to translate improvements to additional locations for larger group practices and how to implement lessons learned in launching new initiatives for practices of all sizes.

Don’t miss these exclusive workshops and other engaging ASOA educational programming – register today!