Open Payments / Sunshine Act Public Website Goes Live

Today CMS launched the Open Payments website, which contains all payments of value over $10 given to physicians by manufacturers or Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). 

As we have reported, if any disputed payments are not resolved, they are marked as disputed on the website.  The deadline for providers to register for Open Payments and review their data prior to this website launch ended on September 11, 2014.  However, providers are still able to register for the Open Payments system and review data prior to future data releases.  CMS reported that it is withholding until next June, about one-third of submitted records on industry payments to physicians because of suspected inaccuracies with the data.  They noted that manufacturers and GPOs erroneously submitted intermingled data for physicians with the same names, causing incorrect data to be listed on the website. 

If you have any questions please contact Ashley McGlone, manager of regulatory affairs, at 703-591-2220.