MACRA Tip of the Week: The easiest way for ophthalmologists to succeed in MIPS, and potentially get a bonus, is to focus on the Quality category

For the first year, the quality category is worth 60% of the final MIPS score. Participants practicing in groups of 15 or fewer need to achieve 60 points for full credit, while participants in groups of 16 or more need to achieve 70 points. To receive full credit for the category, participants are required to report on six quality measures, one of which must be an outcome measure; report on at least 50% of all patients if using a registry or EHR, or 50% of Part B patients, if using claims; and meet specific measure benchmarks. Unlike many other specialties, ophthalmologists have many measures to pick from—up to 22 possible in the ophthalmology measure set—and have historically done better than their peers under the previous program, PQRS. Click here to read more.