Just Released: Clinical Staff Compensation Survey in ASOAnalytics

Every practice needs an accurate guide to compensation to stay competitive and ASOAnalyticsTM is pleased to announce the launch of its latest survey--Clinical Staff Compensation--to help practices recruit or retain qualified staff.

Designed with expertise from BSM Consulting, this compensation survey is ophthalmology specific and covers 19 clinical staff positions. By participating, you'll get access to benchmarks for practices nationwide and for practices in marketplaces like yours (whether rural, urban, or secondary). Easily filter results by similar number of providers and by base or effective pay rate.

Stay competitive with benefits too! Learn what other practices offer their clinical staff for continuing education and uniform allowances. Results are immediate and real time (once a minimum data set is reached).

Get started with the Practice Demographics Survey and begin your benchmarking journey with ASOAnalytics*.

*Use of ASOAnalytics is exclusive to practices with an ASOA professional member. Not a member, visit www.ASOA.org/membership and join today.