Interpreting MACRA Technical Corrections to Facilitate Your Success

Recent advocacy by ASCRS•ASOA and the medical community has prompted Congress to enact technical corrections to the MACRA statute last week. These changes mean that physicians and practices will have additional time to implement the MIPS program and will be able to succeed in the coming years.

To help ophthalmology practices understand how these changes will affect them, ASCRS•ASOA has created a guide with full details. In addition, we’ve updated each of our MIPS category guides with the relevant changes. Members can access the updated guides on the MACRA Center web page.

As a reminder, the technical corrections enacted last week include: removing Part B drugs from MIPS payment adjustments and eligibility determinations, extending transition flexibility for three additional years before CMS must set the MIPS performance threshold at the mean or median of the previous year’s score, extending CMS’ authority to set the weight of the Cost category at less than 30% for three additional years, and delaying incorporating improvement scoring into the Cost category until 2022. These changes are expected to be reflected in CMS’ upcoming rulemaking for the 2019 program year.