How to Report Menu Objectives for EHR Meaningful Use

CMS has released updated guidance on how eligible professionals should select menu objectives when attesting for EHR Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Stage 1:
Eligible professionals are required to report on a total of 5 menu objectives from a list of 9 possible menu objectives. When selecting five objectives from the menu set, eligible professionals must choose at least one option from the public health menu set. Ophthalmologists are most likely excluded from both of the public health menu measures. Therefore, the eligible professional can meet the menu requirement in one of two ways:

1. Claim an exclusion from only one public health objective and report on four additional menu objectives from outside the public health menu set.
2. Report on five menu objectives from outside the public health menu set.

Stage 2:
Eligible professionals participating in Stage 2 are required to report 3 meaningful use objectives from the menu set of 6.

Please note: Some eligible professionals who chose option 1 above may be asked to report on non-public health measures when they claim that exclusion in the Attestation System. These providers should document this issue for their records and then claim the exclusion for the remaining measures in order to allow the system to accept their attestation.