Does Meaningful Use Make You Want to Scream? Share Your Horror Story Directly with CMS

As you gear up for Halloween, you may be wishing for fewer tricks and more treats when it comes to EHR and the Meaningful Use program. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) recently finalized Meaningful Use Stage 3 rule sets measure thresholds at frighteningly high levels and may continue to haunt us if it is incorporated into the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) without reforms.

ASCRS•ASOA has been working with the medical community to advocate for a delay of Stage 3, arguing the measure thresholds are too high—especially those for patient engagement measures—and that the program must be reformed to provide flexibility, address interoperability, and better reflect specialty practices before 2017 when it becomes part of MIPS.

ASCRS•ASOA will continue to urge Congress to delay Stage 3 and will be submitting comments to CMS on the final rule; however, we cannot be successful without your help.

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re asking ASCRS•ASOA members to Get in the Game and share their personal EHR/Meaningful Use “Horror Stories” with CMS directly.

Please submit your own comments to CMS and share how the Meaningful Use program is affecting you, your practice, and your patients, and the potential impact of the increased burden should Stage 3 proceed as planned.

Please visit to submit your comments directly to CMS.

The deadline for submitting comments is December 15, 2015.

Tips for composing your message:

  • Identify yourself as an ophthalmologist or practice administrator;
  • Include how long you have participated in the Meaningful Use program;
  • Describe how your practice has been impacted by Meaningful Use. Have you had to develop specific workflows or processes just to achieve certain measures, such as signing patients up for your portal?
  • Meaningful Use was intended to improve patient care. Include to what extent you have noticed that it has or has not. Do the measures you are working to meet adequately reflect your practice and patient population?
  • Include any negative consequences your practice has experienced due to Meaningful Use; and
  • Describe how the increased thresholds in Stage 3 would be onerous to meet.

Do not hesitate to include anecdotes or specific examples from your practice that demonstrate how the program affects your practice.

Submit your comments now!

Visit ASCRS’ website for additional information on Stage 3 of Meaningful Use.

We thank you for your efforts on behalf of ASCRS•ASOA and wish you a fun and safe Halloween!

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Allison Madson, manager of PAC and grassroots, at or 703-591-2220.