CMS Releases 2019 ICD-10CM Updates with Significant Changes to Ophthalmology Codes

This week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the ICF-10CM updates for FY 2019. The 2019 ICD-10-CM codes are to be used for patient encounters and discharges occurring from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. Below is a list of the 2019 ICD-10 code changes that impact ophthalmology.

2019 ICD-10 Ophthalmic Code Changes

A92.5 Zika virus disease

  • Adds note: Excludes 1: congenital zika virus disease (P35.4)

C43 - Malignant melanoma of skin - new category

C4A - Markel cell carcinoma - new category

C44 - Other and unspecified malignant neoplasm of skin - new category

D03 - Melanoma in situ - new category

D04 - Carcinoma in situ of skin - new category

D22 - Melanocytic nevi - new category

D23 - Other benign neoplasms of skin - new category

  • Adds new diagnosis codes for upper and lower eyelid of right and left eye, including canthus in the above categories

G51 - Facial nerve disorders

  • Adds codes for G51.31, Clonic hemifacial spams, right
  • G51.31, Clonic hemifacial spasm, left
  • G51.33, Clonic hemifacial spasm, bilateral
  • G51.39, Clonic hemifacial spasm, unspecified

G71.0 - Primary disorders of muscles

  • Deleted examples under G71.0, Muscular dystrophy and added more specific descriptions of muscular dystrophy

H01 - Other inflammation of eyelid

H02 - Other disorders of eyelid

  • Adds new diagnosis codes for upper and lower eyelid of right and left eye and bilateral

H02.88 - Meibomian gland dysfunction of eyelid

  • New category
  • Also includes codes for upper and lower eyelid of right and left eye and bilateral

H04 - Disorders of lacrimal system

  • Revises diagnosis code descriptions to remove reference to “lacrimal gland”

H10.51 - Ligneous conjunctivitis

  • Adds statement to code also underlying condition if known, such as: plasminogen deficiency (E88.02)

H10.82 - Rosacea conjunctivitis

  • Adds statement to code first underlying rosacea dermatitis (L71.-)
  • Adds new codes for right eye, left eye, bilateral and unspecified rosacea conjunctivitis

H57.81 - Brow ptosis

  • Adds new codes for right, left, bilateral and unspecified brow ptosis
  • Adds new code H57.89, Other specified disorders of eye and adnexa

Please visit the CMS website to access the full list of updates.