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ASOA has partnered with BSM Consulting to bring year-round online education to you and your management team. Enhance ophthalmic knowledge through pre-tests, courses, and post-tests. The ASOA Learning Center is designed to help you and your management team take practice management performance to the next level - without ever having to leave your desks.

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Customary Ophthalmic Patient Services
A comprehensive eye care delivery system includes the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, the prescription of corrective lenses, and surgical treatment. This course provides administrators with the insight necessary to understand the eye care professionals who provide care in these service areas and the roles and responsibilities of employees that support these professionals. Additionally discussed are the different settings from which each service is provided.

AR Patient Data Collection
Maximizing collection process procedures allows practices to meet their financial responsibilities so they can provide the highest level of care to patients. For this to occur, administrators must be familiar with each collection component so that the necessary efficiencies can be built into the process. This course examines these important components, including appointment scheduling, documenting patient demographics, insurance verification, cancellations, confirmations, no-shows, and patient registration.

Developing a Marketing Plan
Achieving success with marketing strategies is the result of a comprehensive, well-defined plan. This course discusses the tools and steps necessary to create an effective marketing plan that delivers results. Tasks outlined include conducting market research, defining realistic goals and objectives, identifying strategies and tactics, implementation, and establishing measurement criteria.

Selecting a New Employee
A successful employee selection process is a key component in ensuring an efficient and productive practice operation. This course provides administrators with the information needed to make informed hiring decisions. A stepwise approach is presented that emphasizes the need for appropriate advertisement of the available position, proper prescreening of candidates, effective personal interviews, and application of gathered information to select the most qualified individual.

Staff Motivation & Incentive Plans
Practice administrators that have a sound understanding of how to motivate employees generally demonstrate competence in their ability to create effective incentive programs for their workforce. This course examines the principles of motivation and informal rewards and outlines the steps to creating formal incentive programs.