ASOA’s New Benchmarking Platform Reaches Milestone: Over 300 Practices Have Participated

ASOA’s New Benchmarking Platform Reaches Milestone: Over 300 Practices Have Participated
In May 2017, ASOA launched a new, online benchmarking tool for ophthalmic practices: ASOAnalytics. Through a series of confidential, “bite-sized” surveys, ASOAnalytics enables users to analyze trends, review practice performance compared to industry benchmarks, determine staffing levels, evaluate internal processes and more. In the three months since its launch, more than 300 participating ophthalmic practices nationwide are discovering the eye-opening benchmarking data available through ASOAnalytics.
Whether they’re finding out how their practice is performing against others, how hiring additional staff may impact the bottom line, if their providers are seeing enough patients, or if their staffing levels are on target, they’re all gaining data that helps them make smarter business decisions. Most importantly, they can access that data every day, at any time; the ASOAnalytics platform is uniquely designed to allow administrators to contribute their data any time of the year and gives immediate results (once a minimum data set is reached)—no more worrying about missing an arbitrary window of opportunity to contribute data or waiting weeks or months for reports and benchmarks
“We couldn’t be more excited about the success of ASOAnalytics so far, and this is just the beginning,” said ASOA Executive Director Laureen Rowland. “Users are already telling us how much they love the reports and how easy it is to participate—the surveys are short and easy to fill out. It will only grow more robust with every new survey added.”
Designed with input from CEOs and administrators of ophthalmic practices and built with the expertise of BSM Consulting, ASOAnalytics also allows practices to add up to 10 additional users to their ASOAnalytics online account to help with data entry and will allow administrators to set permissions for which survey results their staff can view. For those with questions, ASOAnalytics offers PDF user instructions, as well as a help desk staffed by BSM Consulting experts.
Get Started Today!
1.     Complete the first two ASOAnalytics surveys, Practice Demographics and Provider Productivity, free of charge.
2.     Register for an annual $250 subscription to ASOAnalytics and gain 365 days of access to the following surveys, benchmarks and practice reports:
·       Staff Productivity;
·       Clinical staff wages and salaries (Fall 2017);
·       Revenue cycle management (Winter 2017);
·       And even more surveys will be released in 2018 on Operating Efficiency, Surgical Case Volume, Optical and Patient Services and Administrative Staff Salaries
·       Plus, a new year for data entry will be opened up for all 2017 surveys for tracking practice trends
Administrators can enter practice data themselves or delegate it to other staff, pull real-time reports any time, and eventually will be able to capture up to three years of practice data in one location—and it’s all editable and accessible any time. Visit to find out more!