ASCRS Attends Webinar Hosted by CMS on Ophthalmology Comparative Billing Reports

On April 29, 2015, ASCRS attended the CMS webinar on the ophthalmology comparative billing reports recently received by 10,000 ophthalmologists. The webinar was led by CMS contractor GlobalTech, who developed the reports. During the webinar, GlobalTech explained how they developed these reports from providers’ Medicare claims data and how providers should use the data contained in these reports going forward. Following the presentation, there was a lengthy question and answer period for attendees.

The speakers noted that these reports are only used to show providers their billing patterns compared to their peers on both a state and national level. GlobalTech confirmed ASCRS’ previous statements that these comparative billing reports are for the education of providers only and will not be used to take punitive action against practices. GlobalTech also reiterated on the call the many limitations of using claims data, including not having access to patient risk data and not being able to compare data on the subspecialty level. 

GlobalTech also noted that there could be issues with the comparative billing reports of those providers that used the 55 modifier. They are aware of the problem and working to resolve it now. GlobalTech recommended physicians contact their local carriers if they see data on the report that is inaccurate, and suggested that all providers perform a self-audit to ensure information and billing practices are correct. GlobalTech noted that any questions asked by attendees that were not answered on the call would be addressed in writing.  
The audio and slides from the webinar will be available on the GlobalTech website within five days, along with Frequently Asked Questions and a sample Comparative Billing Report. If any action is taken against a provider as a result of these comparative billing reports, please contact Ashley McGlone at 703-591-2220.